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For companies on all stages. Effective, semi-automatic, targeted lead-generation campaigns on Twitter.

Reach new customers

Engage new high quality leads on Twitter. Show them your offering and turn them into happy customers. Automate your lead generation.

Find valuable leads

Identify your markets influencers, meet ideal buyers or discover future clients. Reach people who are normally unreachable using traditional online ads.

Test your ideas

Find early adopters for your innovative product or service. Evaluate your value proposition, create polls and get valuable feedback in two weeks.

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Rarog's Board of Replies!

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Discover how we build and launch lead generating campaigns for you, see stories of successful campaigns and the origins of rarog.

Our process

Learn exactly how we will find valuable leads and reach them on Twitter for you.
We are open about the whole process and ready to answer any of your questions.

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Rarog is helping companies achieve their goals. Discover the ways how different companies benefited from hypertargeted Twitter campaigns.

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About us

Nice to meet you! Check out how Rarog came to be, what drives us and what we want to accomplish. Meet the team behind hypertargeted Twitter campaigns.

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Rarog campaigns are designed to be a full package for your company. By starting a new campaign you are certain that you will receive a complete service - from generating prospects, creating copy and reaching real people.

In each campaign:

  • Rarog identifies 100 highly targeted leads on Twitter
  • We make sure the database is high quality, we eliminate dead accounts, bots etc.
  • You get flexible targeting options based on their interest
  • We prepare 5 tweet copy versions, presenting your offering
  • Rarog send personalized tweets to 100 leads over 30 days
  • You get dedicated, personal customer support
  • We are reporting at the end of the campaign

We take pride in our ability to reach people that are genuinely interested in your product and are likely to go to your website or engage in a conversation. Thanks to Rarog you will get new sales opportunities and save time on prospecting.

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The Team

We are a team of marketers and entrepreneurs who love growth. While working with our clients, we’ve discovered lots of great methods for targeting and reaching their customers. This knowledge helped us build and develop rarog - a new tool to help you reach new quality leads.

Why the name Rarog? The Rarog is a fiery bird in Slavic mythology. The legends say that the rarog's feathers bring good fortune. Well, there was a time when everybody wanted to catch that bird. Nowadays you can simply follow Rarog on Twitter!

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