Rarog was created to help small and medium companies and startups find and reach new customers. During our work with clients we’ve discovered methods and algorithms that enable us to find valuable leads on Twitter. This has proven to be really effective in targeting and reaching new leads.

We’ve decided to take our know-how and build rarog - an easy way to launch hypertargeted Twitter campaigns.

Twitter campaigns are just the beginning. We are working hard to further improve our algorithms, build an SaaS platform when you could create lead lists by yourself and adding new channels (such as YouTube or Instagram) to our roster.

The Team

We are a team of marketers and entrepreneurs who love growth. While working with our clients as a growth team - flame., we’ve discovered lots of great methods for targeting and reaching their customers. This knowledge helped us build and develop rarog - a new tool to help you reach new quality leads.

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Rarog is helping companies achieve their goals. Discover the ways how different companies benefited from hypertargeted Twitter campaigns.

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Why the name Rarog? The Rarog is a fiery bird in Slavic mythology. The legends say that the rarog’s feathers bring good fortune. Well, there was a time when everybody wanted to catch that bird. Nowadays you can simply follow Rarog on Twitter!

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