How Rarog works?

Rarog provides a full solution for hypertargeted Twitter campaigns. We take care of the whole process - from initial prospecting, building lead lists, creating marketing copy and then distributing it. See in detail how it all works!

Set your target

To start your campaign just fill in the form here. In this form we ask you to provide information about your target group (people you want to reach) and describe what action do you want them to do. You don’t have to have earlier marketing experience but the more information you provide the better.

Accept the campaign

We get back to you with confirmation and few simple questions if we need more information. You then receive tweet copy proposals and the campaign details. Next you get an option to accept the campaign preferences and settle the payment. We use algorithms and integrated prospecting tools to identify the people who will most likely be interested in your offering. Finally rarog is working to build you a list of a thousands hot leads and send them tweets!

Track progress

During the whole campaign, you will receive progress updates on your email after important milestones. We create a number of Twitter accounts dedicated to your campaign, in line with your branding. You will also receive login data to access those accounts. After the campaign you receive a detailed performance report with data and insights.

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Reach your customers

Fast, simple and flexible twitter campaigns


We will reach your target niche among the 310 mln monthly active Twitter users. Rarog will identify people that are most likely interested in your product or service.

Chance to talk

There is a possibility that your product can raise questions - you can answer them directly in the sent tweets and convince the skeptics to give your solution a shot.


If you need to test your idea, get feedback, send out a survey or reach new customers Rarog can help you with that and more.

Fast results in a complete package

Get more leads from day 1!

Full package

We take care of the whole campaign - find leads, create tweet copy and send out messages. Save time and focus on other important matters in your business.

Fast results

Carry out full campaigns for 1000 leads in under two work weeks. Get new sales, test ideas and survey responses.

Easy to use

You don’t need to be a marketer or have previous marketing knowledge to use rarog and launch a Rarog campaign.

Keep it all under control

Stay up-to-date!

Actionable report

Receive a detailed performance report after your campaign. See what worked and discover valuable insights.

Dedicated support

Each of our customers receives a dedicated and personal support from our team. Stay updated how your campaign is performing.

At your service

During the campaign you will receive email responses in under 24h. Feel free to ask about anything!

Get to know rarog better

Discover how we build and launch lead generating campaigns for you, see stories of successful campaigns and the origins of rarog.


Rarog is helping companies achieve their goals. Discover the ways how different companies benefited from hypertargeted Twitter campaigns.

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Nice to meet you! Check out how rarog came to be, what drives us and what we want to accomplish. Meet the team behind hypertargeted Twitter campaigns.

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Why the name Rarog? The Rarog is a fiery bird in Slavic mythology. The legends say that the rarog’s feathers bring good fortune. Well, there was a time when everybody wanted to catch that bird. Nowadays you can simply follow Rarog on Twitter!

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